New Fave, New Lune

I stumbled across New Lune while looking at other blogs similar to mine and it immediately caught my attention. The white background and simple text just draw my attention to the images. Her blog is about beauty and essential tips and tricks that one could use in their everyday life. She only posts about products and things she actually uses and loves which is very important because people love a genuine person. Her blog posts could help you with issues or just things to know that might come in handy.

She doesn’t really present her name which is a unique factor of her blog. All we know is that she is based in the United Kingdom, but she also has some French roots. Her goal is to inspire, motivate, and help bloggers with her posts and is also a freelance designer and translator. I could definitely see how design plays a part in her blog as it looks fantastic. Her images are always styled so nicely and very appealing to the eye.

The reason I even clicked on her blog was because of the pictures. They are positioned in a way that makes it look sleek and neat with a white background. The white background allows you to focus on whats important such as the product or the tip that she introduces to you. Her content is versatile that includes makeup tips and essential life hacks. You can follow her blog here and check out more of her content. Don’t forget to get out her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, too!

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